Interesting things

This isn’t risotto. It’s just a big mound of rice.

Telling the time
My watch’s stopped. Does this mean I don’t have to do anything until it’s fixed?

Televised sports
Good evening viewers and welcome to tonight’s game between the Bombers and the Cats. Hang on, what are all those big guys doing running around on that grass down there?

Valet parking
Here’s the keys, kid. Can you swap ‘em with that guy whose car is better than mine?

Picket line
We’re striking for better conditions. We’ll stop striking when it stops raining.

Home intercom system
Just buzz when you get here so I can go somewhere else really quickly.

Using technology correctly
I know some small businesses that still chain up their computers outside. Rain, hail, thunder, they don’t care!

We’re kind of like a bakery that sells really small, expensive pieces of bread.

Weight Watchers
Now, we all know why you’re here.

First kiss
What are you talking about? THIS is a cold sore. THAT is genital herpes. Big difference.

Read the user guide
But you know I just hate being told what to do.

Wedding cake
It’s really expensive but it tastes just like birthday cake.

We needed the rain
Rain is the biggest waste of water.

Master barber
25 years’ experience. Men’s cuts too.

Can you fill up my fridge before you bring it upstairs?

Why are you sitting so close to me?
I know there’s other seats on this bus but I’ve soiled all of them already.

There’s two types of alchemy here: over the counter and behind the counter alchemy.

So do the cars just drive around and around in circles?

Simulated camping
Pour some dirt down your pants, sleep some sharp rocks and eat undercooked food.

Why study economics?
It’s kind of like maths but you don’t have to make anything add up.


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